West Kameng District Headquarters, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, the land of rising sun has no dearth of natural beauty of bounty. The entire hilly state is full of spots that beckon umpteen number of tourists. Even tiny spots draw huge footfall because of its enchanting landscape. Mention may be made of Bomdila, which is proud of its beauty. The small town, where the headquarter of the West Kameng district houses, is situated at a height of about 8000 feet above the sea level.

An impromptu glance at the small town during April to October falls on the bounteous snow-clad mountains of the Himalayan range, apple orchards with fully laden fruits, Buddhist monastery forcing the foreign and domestic tourists to be kept watching for even an hour.  Opened in 1965, the monastery said known to be the replica of Tsona Gontse Manastry in Tibet.

Another spot atop Bomdila is the orchid temple. The small area is reserved for research and development of orchids.

Tourists also make it a fantastic occasion as they land at the enchanting highest point of Bomdila to view a portion of the roads leading to Bhutan and snow capped Tawang. Its panoramic indeed.

The craft centre in the heart of the township strikes no less attention of the visitors who can look at the traditional craft of the state at a single look.     
“Its thrilling”, is the staple expression of a tourists towards the fag end of the refreshing and adventurous journey to the Dirang valley and the Sela Pass on the way to Tawang.

For the tourists who rush to Bomdila by air, the neatest place to reach the spot is Tezpur in Assam. Others by bus or rail can reach the city of eternal romance (Tezpur) en route to Bomdila by road. The 6 hour long journey from Tezpur is, at times, monotonous. But only to be brushed aside as soon as the tourists land in Bomdila.      

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary is another must see place in Bomdila. The area covering 100 square km is a part of the dense Doimara and Tenga reserve forest. The picturesque spot of deep valley and high hills is origin place of a few rivers and water falls where over 200 orchid species are available.
Tourists, mostly, do not miss the   Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary when they visit Bomdila to enjoy its beauty and bounty. The 217 square km area is a safe abode of ducks and pheasants eagle, hornbill, kingfishers  apart from the Bengal tiger, langur, Asian elephant, black bear, red panda. The striking feature of the sanitary is the around 165 species of butterflies.

How to reach: 

By bus and car from Tezpur, Guwahati.

Best time to visit: 
During the period April to October.
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