Papum Pare

Uying-Aran Festival

Unying-Aran festival celebrated by the Adi community Unying-Aran Gí:dí, the first festival of the Adi new year with  the traditional spirits, at Naharlagun.
Unying-Aran festival celebrated by the Adi tribe  one of the oldest festivals of the Adi community commemorating the arrival of spring season,which is traditionally represent by the performances of "Bari" songs by male elders and"Yakjong" dance in villages was performed by boys and girls through which they narrate stories of origin of the festival and also prayed for wellbeing of peoples both essentially and spiritually.


Nyokum Festival

Nyokum is a festival celebrated by the Nyishi tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh,The Word "Nyokum" has been derived from the combination of two words - "Nyok"means"land"(earth) and Kum means "collectiveness or togetherness"The Nyokum festivals may very well and be interpreted as inviting  the all the Gods and Goddesses of the universe, with the Nyokum Goddess as the principal deity,The festival is commonly celebrated by the Nishi tribe  from all the class and walk of life for better productivity, prosperity and happiness of all human beings on earth.