West Siang

Podi-Barbi festival

The ‘Podi-Barbi’ is a harvest festival celebrated by the Ramo, Pai-Libo and Bokar communities of Mechukha  sub-tribe of the Adi ,West Siang  District of Arunachal Pradesh, It is an Agricultural festival celebrated every year on the month of December in the harvesting season, This festival manifests the magnificent cultural heritage and traditions of the communities.


Donggin Festival

The Bori (ADI) celebrates their own festival known as Donggin. In ADI Donggin means spring season. They welcome spring season by celebrating Donggin in 2nd of Feb to 5th of Feb. They celebrate this festival for good harvesting as well. In this festival, they sacrifice mithuns,pigs and chickens to ANE Donggin for well living & prosperity. The 2016 date for this holiday was February 2.