Campfire Trails

We’re a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts from Shillong and we love getting people outdoors for customised trips and packages to suit different skill and comfort levels.

In our team we have:

Aaron – Avid angler and sport fisherman with over 15 years experience in camping and fishing all over India.
Zorba – Member of an international River Expedition crew based in Mallorca, Spain and locally explores river using packrafts.
Greg – A recognised Mountain Biker and Trails rider from Meghalaya
Banjop – Transport & Logistics. Keen multi-discipline adventurer.
Annie – Karate Black Belt 2nd Dan represented India internationally and outdoor enthusiast. (as a joke, we say she’s our Security!)

What we do?

Specialise in taking school and college kids outdoors and getting them to do stuff that is not easily accessible for them. Kids in Shillong like many other places have started to lose touch with simple things like camping out for a night and getting closer to their roots. What we like to do is reconnect them with that, even if it is just for a day. We have recently started taking tourists out as well because of the demand.

On request, we also incorporate lessons from their classes into the activities.

Some examples -

College students from the Social Welfare department wanted to do some field work on such a trip.
We got them to spend a few hours interacting with a village so they could incorporate that with their projects.
A Geography teacher made a request – while we were kayaking at the lake, we explained the water cycle to the children with the skies, trees and water, etc in front of us.
Biology teachers spent a few hours during a trip showing her students the natural habitats of water insects and frogs beside a small creek.
Our trips can be easily customised to suit Guest’s needs and activities while being neatly mixed and arranged over a number of days in different locations and villages.

Activities done -

Camping, Flatwater kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Trekking, and newly added Snorkeling.
Please note – weather and seasons dictate some of the activities and depending on the climate.

Safety -

Safety always comes first. All our activities are under controlled and secure surroundings. Internationally recognised gear and safety equipment is always used. All equipment is always checked before each use for wear and stress. Our whole team is trained in First Aid and CPR. We carry a well stocked First Aid kit for general purposes at all times. Guides are present with all Guests during all activities for the entire duration. We also practice ethics such as Fair-Trade and Leave No Trace in any area and with all villages that we come in contact with.

We provide all the gear you need! – Kayaks, life vests, mountain bikes, climbing harness’s, assorted climbing gear, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

All you need to bring are a change of clothes, toiletries, a torch and a sense of adventure and enthusiasm!

Campfire Trails
Contact: +91 84159 21719

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