The mountain views, beauty of sunrise and sunset, historical places and heritage of Resum Monastery are some of the striking features of Richenpong. The short treks of the rich forests, flora and fauna are some attributes that will drive your spirit to a height of ecstasy in this upcoming tourist spot.

Set at an altitude of about 5576ft, Rinchenpong is one of the latest additions to the tourist map of the western part of Sikkim. The beauty of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains are visible from this spot.Several stone-paved trails lead one past Lapcha traditional houses and old British forest bungalows to ancient monasteries. The treks is set through beautiful forest. The view of snowy peaks of Himalayas seen above the treetops will make you halt at every step.

The mountain views of Rinchenpong are as fascinating as anywhere else of India. The Poison Pokhri will take you back to the history of British invading the place.

How to reach: 

From New Jalpaigurior Siliguri, buses will take you to your destination via Jorethang. It will take about 3 hours to reach Jorethang from Siliguri. Another 2 hours you will need to reach Richenpong from Jorethang.You can also access the place from Pellingither via Dentam or via Legship. This route is almost less-trodden and hence virgin & beautiful.

From Gangtok you may follow the Ravanglavia Reshiroute to reach Rinchinpong. Or you can choose to follow the route starting from Mellito Jorethangto Reshi to reach your destination.

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Sikkim, West Sikkim
Sikkim, West Sikkim
Sikkim, West Sikkim