Song of Siang

More than two thousand kilometers from its source in eh Tibetan plateau, he Tsang-po river forsakes its arid environs and enters India near Gelling. For the next three hundred kilometers as it passes through the hills of Arunchal Pradesh, it is known as the Siang (The heart of water). In the plains of Assam it meets the Lohit River, and from this union is born the mighty Brahmaputra- the son of God.

The Siang River complements its valley. Sometimes it races through deep gorges, now and then it rumbles through exhilaration rapids. For the most part it flow serenely, n stately splendor, the surrounding hills sloping steeply and deferentially down to its banks.

This valley is home to the Adi people, who live in the hills that line its course, and along its tributaries. Their many sub-tribes are bound together by shared bonds of origin and culture, and by centuries of co-existence. The Adis are a hardworking and cheerful people, who have long learned to live with and respect their environs, the elements and the forest.

This tour is planned to bring to acquaint you with the Adi way of life, and to unveil the splendor of the Siang and its valley.

The Song of Siang:

Day 1     Fly into Dibrugarh, the aircraft skimming over a manicured sea so tea bushes. Afternoon tea- and cucumber sandwiches- at an old style colonial planter’s bungalow.
Day 2 -    Chug along on a ferry on the Brahmaputra- upstream, and hard going. Sandwiches and beer on board. A warm traditional welcome at Pasighat, the gateway to the valley of the Siang,and home to the Adis. Stay at the Siang House, an excellently maintained Government Guest House.
Day 3 -    In and around Pasighat – to the craft centre and the museum. Across the Siang river, and a boat ride away is Mebo, the grainary of the Siang. Visit a Padam village and further on to Aohahi village of Idu Mishmi
Day 4 -    Into the hills, following the right bank of the Siang. Cross a fifteen hundred foot long cane suspension bridge at Pangin, one of many such structures that stretch and sway gracefully across the valley.En route visit Kekar Monying the site of the Anglo-Abor battle of 1911. Then trek to Minyong village of Komsing (3/4 hrs). Overnight at village.
Day 5 -    Follow the Siyom river to Along the home of Adi Gallongs.Visit to villages and cultural programme in the evening.
Day 6 -    Then on to Daporijo. Meet the Hill Miri and Tagin tribes, legendary warriors of yore, and now peaceable farmers., picnic lunch on the river bank. Stay at Daporijo circuit house.
Day 7 -    Onwards to Ziro, in the valley of the Apa Tanis. Spectacularly forested, this is a unique bio-diversity zone,. The Apa Tanis are famed farmers, originators of a distinctive system of mixed paddy and fish cultivation. Stay Blue pine hotel.
Day 8 -    Trek in the Talle valley, returning to a walkabout through an Apa Tani village. Large parts of the Talle valley national park are still unexplored!
Day 9 -    Drive to Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Enjoy the evening with a live band, a bar, and snooker-preceded of course by a long and luxuriant bath. Stay at the Hotel..
Day 10 -    Drive to Guwahati and fly out to Delhi/Kolkotta..



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